Aashmans Adventure

Aashmans meaning is “Son of Sun”. This game is inspired by the mario.
The goal is to reach the level end of level with the highest points by killing or saving own self from enemies.

This is the fight of the aashman for giving right to the poor as the enemies are coming forward to destroy the earth and nature.

Cureently it’s in jungle mode with 10 level. More is coming soon.

This the free version with restriction of banner ad for 5 to 6 minutes for 1 session or max 12 hours.

And around 7 popup banner.

You can view Aashmans game on play store. Just Click Here.
aashmans adventure

And now it’s also available for the kindle devices/fire os and android devices can also download the game from amazon store.
To download for kindle/fire os devices or from amazon store click here

1) Developer and Designer Nirmal Bhagwani
2) Player and Enemy Design Amit Bhavsar
3) Thanks to keeny.nl for graphics


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