My game experience on android game launching and first shocking release day

My first 2 week on android game
It took around 4 – 6 months while developing my first game for android. Even I don’t had credit card and I asked one of our tech lead guy to use his credit card and let me purchase developer account and I will pay him cash.

First of while buying account I came to know that they deducted 26$ instead of 25$, I waited for 2 weeks if they do refund, but till that google don’t. So I didn’t waited a lot after 2 week the tech lead person forgot his purse so I paid him 26$.

After the purchase of account I worked around 1 month more to give final touch to mine game. And I put it for launch on Saturday night(Indian Time) so It will be available on Sunday for all peoples in the world.

I had kept analytic code, So i was able to see the how much it’s played and from where it is played. But after 1st day end, I saw number of download only 6. To whom I sent message to download on whatsapp and Facebook.

It was too rude. When I was searching game from it’s name still it was coming on 15th place. And it wasn’t visible even in adventure category as well as new release.

If you want to analyse you can check my game “Aashmans Adventure” can be viewed in amazon store. Click here to see it in amazon store. And for google play store click here.
You can also like the facebook page of game.


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